Cause Marketing

The ultimate product-purpose connection

Our blockchain tracker empowers consumers to monitor companies's donations in real time, truly connecting to the causes they care about. The ultimate touchpoint for companies looking to engage customers.

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New customized touchpoint

After a purchase, the promise is transparently executed on the blockchain. Your customers get access to a live tracker.
  • They can choose where to allocate funds
  • You can present a social project jointly with a NGO, showing your commitment towards a great cause
  • Show how money is spent by the NGO, an innovative way to add confidence towards your brand

Plug + Play solution

Easily connect our API to your websites, apps, or print a customized QR code on receipts and product packaging.

82% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product that clearly demonstrates the results of its CSR initiatives.*

40% will not purchase a product if it doesn't communicate the results of its CSR efforts.*

*Source: Cone Communications Corporate Social Return Trend Tracker

Manage and Monitor

An intuitive dashboard allows companies and charities to manage their campaigns and monitor their results.

Unlock your creativity

Our API allows you to create infinite campaigns linked not only to purchases but to any digital action, from newsletter sign ups to likes on social media. The sky is the limit.

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